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In Other Waters: Tidebreak is an underwater exploration adventure for the Mothership Sci-Fi Horror Roleplaying Game. Based on the Award Winning 2020 video game by Jump Over the AgeTidebreak offers the chance to explore the panthalassic world of Gliese 667Cc.


As part of a crew or as a solo player, you will explore Gliese 667Cc's world-wide ocean, discover alien creatures, study their ecosystems and habitats, and uncover secrets hidden deep below the surface. Tidebreak offers:

  • A rich taxonomy of creatures with a tag system to guide biological research.
  • A multi-layered oceanic environment with deep ecological worldbuilding.
  • A slow-burning, research-centric oceanic mystery for new and existing Mothership crews.
  • New art, story, and creatures in the In Other Waters universe from creator Gareth Damian Martin.

Set after the events of In Other Waters, where scientist Ellery Vas made first contact with the oceanic life of Gliese 667Cc, Tidebreak takes place during the second phase of Gliese 667Cc’s discovery, when corporate interests, freelance crews, collectors, smugglers and all manner of spacefarers descend on the planet to see and exploit the world’s new life for themselves.

You will take a contract to travel to Gliese 667Cc before it is cordoned off and extract, study or cover-up its alien life and corporate secrets.

While this is designed to be a lower Stress adventure than most Mothership adventures, it is still a horror roleplaying game. As such, please be aware it may contain elements of the following:

Body Horror, Drowning, Nyctophobia, Oxygen Deprivation, Thalassophobia, Violence

In Other Waters

Do I need to have played In Other Waters? No! This book gives you a comprehensive look at the setting established on In Other Waters but works on its own as a standalone adventure with new creatures, NPCs, and regions to explore.

While set in the universe of In Other Waters, it is easily adapted to fit your table's canon. Hopefully it inspires you to go pick up In Other Waters when you need your oceanic sci-fi fix in-between game nights, and explore the origins of Gliese 667Cc.

Do I need to have played Mothership? Yes and no. While this adventure uses Mothership as the underlying game engine, you do not need to have played a Mothership game before. This adventure is good for new and veteran players alike.

You will need a copy of Mothership 1e (available as pay what you want separately by Tuesday Knight Games) to play this Adventure Module with a Crew.

However, solo players will be able to play with just a copy of Tidebreak and the digital supplement.

What is Mothership? Mothership is a d100-based Science Fiction Horror Roleplaying game written by Sean McCoy and published by Tuesday Knight Games

Tidebreak is written and playtested with mechanics in mind for Mothership's eagerly anticipated First Edition (or 1e) ruleset. You can learn more about Mothership 1e here

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