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In this system-agnostic Sci-Fi supplement and love-letter to Mushishi by Yuki Urushibara, your characters play as frontier doctors called Kaichū-Shi or Parasite Masters. 

They'll explore dark forests and research parasitic organisms, known as Kaichū,  that exist in a classification somewhere between plants and insects. Heal colonists and blue collar workers who fall sick with mysterious ailments, exhibiting symptoms that vary from minor to life-threatening.

Many of the organisms are only visible when viewed through specific spectrums of light. Some only partially exist in this universe. When viewed, they are often semi-corporeal, ethereal creatures that bend light around them as they float and crawl around.

To play you'll need: 

  • This Pamphlet
  • A set of polyhedral dice (specifically d10's)
  •  The TTRPG of your choice

The digital download includes:

  • A Letter-sized Pamphlet PDF and PNG
  • Printer-friendly version
  • Creature and Scenario Generation
  • Short Settlement description and topological map

CW: This module contains elements relating to sicknesses and treatments and may not be suitable for all audiences

Japanese Language Consultation - Yurie Murayama

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Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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