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Epsilon Outpost is an experimental short adventure that utilizes the layers feature available in most PDF readers. In it your team or crew explores a region of a yet unnamed world covered in a massive single ocean. Each layer features a new aspect about the world for the players to explore such as:

  • Topographical displays of the ocean floor
  • Radiation Levels
  • Infrared Spectrographs
  • and more...

This one-page adventure is system agnostic and can be easily used or adapted for your favorite tabletop RPG.


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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Epsilon Outpost v1.0.pdf 14 MB
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Epsilon Outpost v1.0 (Separated PNG).zip 8 MB

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Typo on last slide I happened to notice, "black ole" should probably read "black hole".

Cool game though, looking forward to pulling this up and fully exploring how I can use it in a game with my group!