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I've been working on a card-based action system for one of my home games and testing with physical cards printed at home. To keep the cards organized I wanted to have a box to hold them but wasn't content with using whatever I had laying around.

Thus was born the Custom Deck Box and it worked out great. The top fits the cards (3.5" x 2.25") I've been using for home games and I have a version that fits three polyhedral dice as well. 

Your digital download includes assets for a card box to fit a deck of up to 52 playing cards for Affinity Publisher and Designer.

Add your own art and assets or print directly onto the cardstock of your choice for a custom card deck.

Comes with Standard and Extended Deck dimensions. The Extended deck comes with a secondary compartment that fits up to 3 Polyhedral Dice. Perfect for Life Counters or as extra storage.

Check it out and hope it might be of use for you in the future. And if you do use it for something, please share it! I'd love to see how people use it for their own projects. 

CC BY 4.0 - Free for commercial use with attribution.


Buy Now$2.50 USD or more

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lol this is listed as creative commons but costs $2.50. Something ain't right

This looks really pretty though, so good job.


Creative Commons By 4.0 refers to a license that allows anyone to use and adjust this template (such as rebranding it for their own game) for their own commercial projects. To my knowledge, that does not exclude charging for assets.

If my understanding of that is incorrect would be glad to adjust! Thank you for checking it out.


Haha, yep that is correct. You can sell it and do whatever you like. It is just interesting because it also means that someone could buy it and then sell it elsewhere for more money if they wanted, which doesn't really seem okay. 🤷‍♂️

You are all good though, just wanted to point it out.